Player Pool Announced

The draft pool is set for the upcoming 2024 NSL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee.

Players, fans, and ownership groups alike will make the journey to Music City On March 1st for a weekend of events, centered around the Live Draft on Saturday night. With the final draft declarations coming through this week, the player pool is now set for teams to start planning their potential picks to build their rosters.

Each team will select 3 starters and 1 reserve player in a 4 round snake draft format, and the decisions will be anything but straightforward. In total, 24 players will be drafted to compete in the first ever season of the National Squash League.

Below is the official player draft pool as well as a few interesting players that should catch the focus of team managers during each round of the draft. 


Youssef Ibrahim Cairo, Egypt  Age: 24

Youssef Ibrahim is a sure contender for the #1 overall pick in the draft, and he has caught the attention of team owners and managers alike with his uniquely dynamic play style.

The up-and-comer from Cairo possess unparalleled racket head speed and should be the top overall power play performer in the league with his ability to rack up quick points in succession.

Any team drafting Ibrahim will have to pay attention to adding defensive players in the later rounds to shore up their roster, but they can rest easy knowing that their power play will be among the best in the league from the get go.

His talents will be on full display during draft weekend as he will be playing for Team World on Friday night- owners will get a close look at the young lefty who figures to be a shoe-in for the first round.

Victor Crouin Toulon, France  Age: 24

Victor Crouin should find himself at the top of nearly every team’s draft board heading into Nashville. Possessing elite quickness and accuracy, Crouin has cemented himself as one of the world’s best players.

His ferocious competitive nature on both offense and defense makes him a Swiss army knife in the timed format, and whichever team lands the first pick will be hard pressed to look elsewhere.

Crouin will put points on the board regardless of matchup and will be valuable on both power play and power kill, and he has the stamina to eat up lots of minutes for his team. Additionally, any team owner taking Crouin first round can draft to their heart’s desire in the later rounds given the attacking/defensive balance of their #1 player. Expect to see him taken off the board at the top end of the first round. 


Rory Stewart Edinburgh, Scotland Age: 27

Rory Stewart is one of Scotland’s brightest stars, with a breakout Bronze Medal performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Stewart’s favored backhand side has shown to be a lethal weapon in the professional game, and he certainly will be on the radar of team owners for the end of first round.

Lingering questions about his durability have prevented him from being in discussion for the top overall pick, as teams are looking for players who are virtually matchup proof. Stewart has quelled some of these doubts most recently by taking out potential top 3 pick Iker Pajares at the Qatar Classic. Look for a team to snap him off the board at the beginning of round 2.

Juan Camilo Vargas Bogota, Colombia  Age: 29

Juan Vargas figures to bring some top level South American squash to the NSL. He is crafty in the front of the court and has a strong fitness base to fall back on, providing a strong case for a him to be a core member of a contending team.

Vargas can be employed to kill power plays or eat up valuable minutes when his team is ahead, and at his best he can compete with the strongest #1’s- this eliminates all matchup concerns and he will be a must draft on March 1st. Look for the Colombian to be taken somewhere in the 2nd round.

Charlie Lee London, UK Age: 25

Charlie Lee brings some of the classic, tough English squash to the NSL. Known for his incredible retrievals and dogged determination, Lee will be best employed as a power play defender and a tough placeholder to hold a team lead late in the period.

Lee’s style in this format makes him valuable regardless of matchup, and teams who are looking to select attacking players in the other rounds should look to add Lee as an asset to shore up their team’s defenses. 


Spencer Lovejoy Branford, Connecticut Age: 25

Spencer Lovejoy is a high-ceiling draft prospect from USA who builds his game around pace and ball movement. Lovejoy is more of a Swiss army knife candidate, capable of both offensive flurries and punishing movements to retrieve tough shots, making him a valuable addition to a roster needing stability.

Look for a team owner who has gotten a little trigger happy in rounds 1 and 2 to draft Lovejoy to bring some balance to the squad. 

Matias Knudsen Bogota, Colombia Age: 24

Matias Knudsen is one of the most exciting young players on the PSA World Tour. Known for his unorthodox technique and viral trick shots, Knudsen is an offensive powerhouse capable of rattling off points against even the strongest players on his best days.

Fitness and durability have been an area of concern for the young Colombian, so his skills will be best employed in short bursts and potentially as the #1 option on power play for his team. Look for any team lacking that special “it” factor to take a chance on Knudsen in the third round. 

Veer Chotrani Mumbai, India Age: 22

Veer Chotrani has burst onto the scene in his first year as a professional squash player in 2023.  His ball control is top tier and will make him lethal on the power play.

Consistency and lack of experience have knocked his draft stock down slightly, and as a result teams will need strong players around him to compliment his attacking style and take some of the physical stress away from the young Indian. Any team who went for a more tough and defensive approach in rounds 1 and 2 who will be needing to add to their power play should look no further than Veer Chotrani. 


1  Victor Crouin FRA 11
2  Youssef Ibrahim EGY 22
3  Auguste Dussourd FRA 26
4  Leandro Romiglio ARG 36
5  Ramit Tandon IND 38
6  Timothy Brownell USA 40
7  Rory Stewart SCO 41
8  Shahjahan Khan USA 44
9  Todd Harrity USA 51
10 Charlie Lee ENG 52
11 Andrew Douglas USA 53
12 Juan Camilo Vargas COL 55
13 Simon Herbert ENG 56
14 Faraz Khan USA 57
15 Bernat Jaume ESP 58
16 Tom Walsh ENG 66
17 Spencer Lovejoy USA 68
18 Ben Smith ENG 71
19 Veer Chotrani IND 87
20 Ivan Perez ESP 91

21 Joseph White AUS 91
22 Jeremías Azaña ARG 93
23 Sanjay Jeeva MAS 94
24 Ronald Palomino COL HWR 70
25 Daniel Mekbib CZE 98
26 Lwamba Chileshe NZL 104
27 Dillon Huang USA 106
28 Temwa Chileshe NZL 115
29 Andres Herrera COL 118
30 Matias Knudsen COL 119
31 Edgar Ramirez COL 127
32 Sam Todd ENG HWR 73
33 Mark Broekman ENG 166
34 Nicolas Serna COL 185
35 Salim Khan USA 353
36 Sam Scherl USA Harvard
37 Harrison Gill USA Yale
38 TJ Dembinski USA Yale
39 Cole Becker USA Princeton
40 Alvin Heumann USA Dartmouth